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Our Story

Ab Ovo is an IT, engineering, creative and digital marketing consulting company based out of Santa Clara, CA. We  provide consulting and project management solutions to our customers. Our team has an extensive amount of experience working with startups, SMEs and Fortune 500 companies. We have successfully built engineering, IT, creative, media and digital marketing teams for our clients. At Ab Ovo, we understand that business challenges are ever changing, and our goal is to deliver cost effective and time saving solutions.


From Discovery to Delivery, our team of experts will conduct a thorough analysis to understand the needs and challenges of our clients, ensure a seamless transition between each phase, and implement the best solution.


Our product is our people. We hire seasoned engineers, who are able to contribute and add value from day one. In addition, our Project Managers and Team Leads are well rounded in their experience and are able to visualize the big picture. These leaders value collaboration and they love what they do.

Ab Ovo [literally: from the egg]

The extraordinary beginning! 

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