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Unit, Integration, Functional Testing

Continuous Deployment

Deploy - Promote to Production

Continuous Delivery

Acceptance Testing

Deploy to Testing Environment

Deploy to Testing Environment

Continuous Integration



Ab Ovo - Your Partner in DevOps

Providing End to End Implementation Channel across cloud platforms for better efficiency at lower cost.

Our Services within the DevOps practice include:

  1. DevOps Application Readiness Assessment and Analysis

  2. Automate Deployment and Rollback

  3. Alerts and Log Management

  4. Ensure Security through monitoring and compliance with various industry requirements

  5. Automate the Agile Development process from Testing to Deployment

  6. Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment

  7. Disaster Recovery

  8. Performance Optimization

  9. Collaboration with Development and QA Teams (Agile Teams)

Ab Ovo’s DevOps team will collaborate with your Agile team and monitor your infrastructure for optimal performance during code deployments. We ensure optimal deployment of applications through automation, from the different testing phases through code deployment.

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