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Case Studies

Big Data:
Domain: Financial and tax preparation software and related services for small businesses, accountants and individuals
Client need: Data Ingestion 
Summary: The Data Ingestion team provides data to different business, analytics, and reporting teams across the organization using the Kobayashi framework. We used the Kobayashi application to leverage Sqoop in the backend to pull and hive/spark for processing data.


Domain: Financial and tax preparation software and related services for small businesses, accountants and individuals.
Client need: mobile Services by data extraction, push notification, voice and message. 
Project Name: Mobile Services for TurboTax
Summary: Generating audit reports for customers to help optimize costs and improve performance and security. Managed and maintained end-to-end Pipeline with the help of Amazon VPC, Amazon EC2, and AWS Cloud Formation. We utilized the entire AWS stack, focusing on high-availability, fault tolerance, and auto scaling using AWS Design and Launch Cloud Formation stacks, relying on configuration management tools.


Automation QA:
Domain: Business Banking, Backend API to Financial institution for Alerts and Transfers.
Client need: Java programming skills, Backend testing skill, Performance testing skill
Project Name: Messaging, Alerts and transfers
Summary: We created and maintained the backend API’s build for providing alerts and transfer messaging to the different Financial Institutions for their users. For example, Transfers Alerts, Low Balance Alerts, High Balance Alerts and Direct Deposit.


iOS Development:
Domain: Finance (Mobile app for Banking Domain)
Client need: Build an App for end user customers.
Project Name: BMA (Business Mobile Application)
Summary: Client needed a mobile App for Business Banking Customers for different Financial Institutions. New highlighted features of the app include:
* Secure login into app using username/password, Touch ID
* Displays account information
* Manage transfers
* Display Approvals and manage User access
* Push Notifications


Front End Development:
Domain: Financial Technologies
Client Need: Update current application using modern frameworks, like React.js to create a responsive user experience and dynamic library for clients to use on their own websites.
Project Name: Leapfrog
Summary: The Leapfrog team oversees the transition of Digital Insight's technology from a widget based system to a reactive single page application.  Within Leapfrog, there are several projects happening simultaneously.  The update itself required that we create a library of components in React to use throughout the application.  We then updated the current websites components as we created them, all the while maintaining a mobile first perspective to make our application open to as broad a consumer base as possible.  


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